Author Topic: Wall of Butthurt  (Read 74380 times)


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #315 on: December 08, 2016, 12:26:37 AM »
cloudwalkr and I had him really going a couple of nights ago.
That is literally not what this thread is for.  You dumb fucking cunt.
I think Loz took them. He went through the forums the other day and banned and removed tags from alot of people
No, but i just took yours ya dick, stop posting anything ever again.


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #316 on: December 08, 2016, 05:39:31 PM »
Christ. Every so often I forget just how AIDS GD is, then one of you assholes links me there and I want to reach through my screen and stab people.


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #317 on: December 22, 2016, 12:33:36 AM »
metalpete_73 (9:10:38 PM) i was goig to give you shit for using a premium round in your arty but now i see your caln tag and know why but your stilla pussy
metalpete_73 (9:10:58 PM) and probably using a illegal mod after your 7 day ban
Bloodnuts (9:23:50 PM) LMAO
Bloodnuts (9:24:22 PM) well just to let you know FV304 only has 1 shell type
Bloodnuts (9:25:08 PM) so..... yeah anyways Happy Holidays From RELIC=)
metalpete_73 (9:25:35 PM) fuck relic and they cheating ways
 lol this was after a game that i was in my FV304 and he was in his AT 2 i hit his back deck and set him on fire. good times lol Happy Holidays RELIC  =)


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #318 on: February 05, 2017, 07:02:57 PM »
Normally I'm not this much of a cunt... but this guys reaction. (somebody thinks they are a big deal :P)

His name is BURNINYOUUP and hes from ROTS.

Here is a link to the replay if you want to see some cent x game-play and some ponies getting burned:

Heres in game chat:

Me: Im captain fagget
Me: Blow me away with your performance
Him: Shut up shitter
Me: aww, thats cute
Him: So are your stats shitter
Me: You know what they say about feeding trolls
Him: (starts spamming hill he wants me to go up)
Me: Please, your masturbation in chat is making me horny
Him: (spams more)
Him: fucking peak the bush at the top of the hill
Me: and get shot in the side
Me: ummmmm no.
Him: If you use the bush you wont get spotted
Game: (I started scaring the enemy team by destroying their comrades)
Me: oh yes
Me: I did the Thing
Game: (Rots players both die)
Me: aww the shitters are dead
Him: dumbass relv players
Him: just because your main clan is good doesnt mean your good
Me: trolololol
Him: in their bottom feeder clan
Me: rel-v = vets
Me: Get your facts straight fagget ;)
Him: rel-v = shitters that cant make relic
Me: awwww... truth hurts dont it?
Him: the truth that i have been dead for 5 min and you still wont do better then me...
Me: mmm but burning faggets is fun
Me: lol
Me: you'll see at end of game
Me: Prove it, fagget

Out of game:

grinningdude (6:57:16 PM) oh darn
grinningdude (6:57:22 PM) did i prove it?
BURNINYOUUP (6:57:29 PM) nope
grinningdude (6:57:38 PM) mmm
BURNINYOUUP (6:57:42 PM) I had 1500 more spotting
grinningdude (6:57:42 PM) AWWW YEAH
grinningdude (6:57:53 PM) i got 1700 spotting
grinningdude (6:58:03 PM) prove it... PLEASE
BURNINYOUUP (6:58:11 PM) you got 2200 and I got 3700    (he means wn8 recents.....)
BURNINYOUUP (6:58:17 PM) fucking shitters
grinningdude (6:58:22 PM) aww
grinningdude (6:58:34 PM) you are so cute when you are angry
grinningdude (6:59:22 PM) its ok, we all lose sometimes
grinningdude (7:00:43 PM) sorry to say it mate, I won the dick measuring contest
grinningdude (7:01:10 PM) but ive got better things to do... like burning more faggets

You can see the results for yourself in the post game information on the wot replay link.

I feel bad for his clan due to the fact that he is a senior officer... The only purple he is... is on the autism spectrum


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #319 on: February 26, 2017, 02:31:51 PM »
Tier 6 player rages at t5 in tier 7 game, best player

(I played like shit i know, cuz im shit)
« Last Edit: February 26, 2017, 02:36:28 PM by xGash »


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #320 on: March 26, 2017, 06:10:14 PM »
t37 who did nothing all game but chai snipe.

OttoVonGeezThisislong (5:59:50 PM) dont cry about tier 8s that did less
str33tzk1ng (6:00:01 PM) excuse me?
str33tzk1ng (6:00:07 PM) idgaf
str33tzk1ng (6:00:18 PM) You were there behind me and game me no fucking support
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:00:20 PM) did i stutter or are you fucking illiterate?
str33tzk1ng (6:00:27 PM) I think you're brain dead
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:00:32 PM) i think you are trash
str33tzk1ng (6:00:33 PM) 589 damage?
str33tzk1ng (6:00:42 PM) Obviously because you can't think
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:00:54 PM) fail pad more in cromwell shitlord
str33tzk1ng (6:00:54 PM) Wake up retard. You're a shitter
str33tzk1ng (6:00:57 PM) LOL
str33tzk1ng (6:01:05 PM) Padding in a cromwell aye? Go check my wot labs
str33tzk1ng (6:01:10 PM) I stat pad tier 10's
str33tzk1ng (6:01:17 PM) You cock guzzling thunder cunt
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:01:20 PM) my wn8 is better....bye shitlord cunt
str33tzk1ng (6:01:25 PM) LOLOLOLOLOLOL
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:01:28 PM) listen niglet trash
str33tzk1ng (6:01:35 PM) Obviously you play like a chai sniper
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:01:41 PM) tell your cunt mother rent is due......
str33tzk1ng (6:01:44 PM) LOL
str33tzk1ng (6:01:50 PM) Do you have anything original
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:01:51 PM) you no skill nigger cunt
str33tzk1ng (6:01:55 PM) Nigger?
str33tzk1ng (6:02:00 PM) Good thing I'm white
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:02:07 PM) you are fucking illiterate trash
str33tzk1ng (6:02:09 PM) You have to resort to racism because you lack intellect
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:02:28 PM) str33tzk1ng (6:01:14 PM) You cock guzzling thunder cunt
str33tzk1ng (6:02:41 PM) Let me know when you're done eating copious amounts of dick and are looking to get better.
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:02:48 PM) that shows your lack of intellect
str33tzk1ng (6:02:52 PM) I could get some fun out of training a little bitch
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:03:16 PM) when i want your opinion....i will pull your lips off of whatever trap is using you
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:03:28 PM) you useless pile of niglet garbage
str33tzk1ng (6:03:31 PM) LOL again with the unoriginality
str33tzk1ng (6:03:37 PM) You really need to work on that bruh
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:03:45 PM) again with the you are a useless waste of semen
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:04:07 PM) if your niglet cunt mother had swallowed you the world would be a better place
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:04:12 PM) enjoy black list
str33tzk1ng (6:04:15 PM) Wow
OttoVonGeezThisislong (6:04:15 PM) niglet
str33tzk1ng (6:04:17 PM) this is good
str33tzk1ng (6:04:19 PM) So you're better right
str33tzk1ng (6:04:26 PM) lets see if i get this right
str33tzk1ng (6:04:33 PM) Your recent wn8 and winrate is what?
str33tzk1ng (6:04:40 PM) You're 1700 with 50%?
str33tzk1ng (6:04:56 PM) and im 3137 with 59%
str33tzk1ng (6:05:25 PM) Do you need anything else?


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #321 on: March 30, 2017, 04:51:12 PM »
4chan is leaking.


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #322 on: January 14, 2018, 03:21:31 PM »
Top kek from Rel-A.

Shellshock5 (8:13:24 AM) you are trash, nice ebay account
Oosa (8:22:03 AM) COnsidering that I used to be a Recruiter for Relic main, you are sad.
Shellshock5 (10:34:37 AM) sure pal
Oosa (1:14:00 PM) Look at my clan history and post history on the relic forums you dumbfuck


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #323 on: January 21, 2018, 03:49:27 PM »
He probably doesn't know that the forums exist


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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #324 on: January 21, 2018, 05:30:25 PM »
What are the foums?



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Re: Wall of Butthurt
« Reply #325 on: March 14, 2018, 06:46:41 PM »

Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. So study hard and be evil.


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