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SMF - Just Installed!

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Looking at your stats I would recommend application for REL2, Even though you have only the two T10's, they are viable ones. So Im going to say this is an application for REL2.

Now for the copy Pasta:
Welcome to our community and best of luck with your application.  The application process can take anywhere from a day to 4+ days dependent on your activity and the amount of time you platoon with our members to get evals. When you platoon with our members be sure to tell them to put in an evaluation for you.  It is your responsibility to platoon with us and ask for evals, it shows that you want to be a part of Relic.  Our TS info is below:

Pwd: relic1

Feel free to jump into any of the platoon channels and ask the players if they are up for platooning (and remind them to submit an eval).

As you platoon with RELIC Gaming members, please update your original application post with their name, date played, and number of battles.  This way we can check your application post against the eval thread and make sure that they have submitted evals for you.

Good luck!

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